There are many factors that go into classifying the Type of Construction for a building, including the use of the building, the structural materials used, the number of stories, and the area per floor.  Table 503 of the International Building Code is used by the designer in this process.  Different Types of Construction require different fire ratings, as seen in Table 601 of the International Building Code.

Types IA, IB, and IIA are the Types of Construction that that most effect spray applied fireproofing in a building, since these could be constructed out of steel and require fire ratings to the structural frame, floor construction, and roof construction.  Other Types of Construction can still utilize spray applied fireproofing on steel members in cases with a fire rated stair shaft or an occupancy separation, for example.  The Sigma Nu Fraternity House at NC State University utilized sprayed fireproofing on the floor beams to achieve the necessary occupancy separation.  An image during the installation of fireproofing is provided on the architect’s blog (Gontram Architecture), intended to document the progression of the project.

While the fireproofing work is now complete, the entire Sigma Nu project is expected to be completed in January of 2014.