Warco Construction has established a reputation as one of the leading fireproofing contractors in the Southeast region including North Carolina (NC), South Carolina (SC), and Virginia (VA).  We understand that code compliant passive fire protection to the structural steel frame, beams, joists, columns, bracing, and decking is essential to the life safety of a building and its occupants.

Provides a full line of commercial cementitious and fiber spray applied fireproofing products from standard concealed fireproofing for commercial building use, to medium density fireproofing for mechanical, electrical, and elevator equipment areas, to high density fireproofing for parking garages and other areas subject to traffic and abrasion.

Assists in determining the appropriate product and UL Design for a given application as well as provide accurate, responsible, and competitive budgets and prices.

  • Provides timely submittals, LEED documentation, and color-coded shop drawings
  • Collaborates with engineers and technical support to achieve fire ratings when conditions exist outside what has been tested by Underwriters Laboratories.
  • Provides patching of fireproofing that is compromised during a remediation, renovation, or upfit of an existing space.
  • Provides rigid board fireproofing for projects where moisture, heat and cold weather protection are concerns during the construction process. Also roof traffic and scheduling issues may warrant the use of rigid board on a roof deck.
  • Can achieve 1 hr and 2 hr fire ratings on wood members

Sprayed Thermal and Acoustical Insulation

  • Spray applied insulation products can be key components in making a space functional, both thermally and acoustically. Warco installs spray applied fiberglass insulations including TC-417 by ThermaCoustic and spray applied cellulose insulations including K-13 and SonaSpray ‘fc’ by International Cellulose.
  • Spray applied fiberglass insulation is especially useful in parking garages with conditioned spaces above. The sprayed insulation can provide an R-19 thermal value insulating the conditioned space above from the unconditioned parking garage below. Spray applied cellulosic insulation is effective in interior spaces for acoustical control because of the aesthetics it can provide. K-13 can be installed in standard and custom matched colors. Also, as opposed to sprayed foam insulations, spray applied fiberglass and cellulosic insulation products have low flame spread values and do not require any thermal barrier.

Intumescent Fireproofing

  • Intumescent fireproofing can be used to achieve fire ratings on steel members in interior and exterior applications.
  • Intumescent fireproofing is applied like a paint and allows fire ratings to be achieved while still providing an architecturally aesthetic appearance of color and finish.
  • The thicknesses required to achieve the necessary hourly ratings are much less than those of sprayed fire resistive materials due to the fact that intumescent fireproofing will expand, or intumesce, approximately 15 times its applied thickness when exposed to fire.